Satellite Tracking System GPRS/GSM MT01

System functionalities

  • Live, limitless tracking: both our device and platform enables you to track and locate your vehicle anywhere in real time. As the vehicle moves on, our device keeps reporting all critical information to be subsequently used for reports. All the data is available at any time via our web site or from the comfort of your iPhone o Android cell phone.
  • GPRS (data) / GSM communication mode: in 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (Quad-bands).
  • Access to the vehicle driving record: the shortcut to our website allows you to view reports that contain: location as UTM coordinates, speed, transmission time, distance covered, on/off times, vehicle stop times at points where the vehicle has been turned off.
  • Setting up and managing geo-fenced locations: set up points of geographical interest from the comfort of your phone, give them a name and size; then start to have total control every time your vehicle comes in or out of such points.
  • Remote power off: you are always in total control of your vehicle without monthly payments to satellite tracking companies which would just limit access and enjoyment of the functionalities offered by the remote monitoring. Through this function you can just turn off your vehicle in case of robbery, theft or kidnapping; duly supported by and in coordination with public security forces in your area. This functionality is available in every possible way: web, apps and SMS.
  • Remote tracking of vehicle location: through GPS + GSM + GPRS.
  • Automatically armed in “Alarm mode”: 3 minutes after detecting vehicle engine shutdown.
  • Waterproof and anti-dust equipment: IP65 level.
  • Smart device: the device is constantly checking the vehicle battery charge status. When it reaches 12.5 volts, it stops battery power consumption and starts to get power supply from the internal backup battery. This ensures there is enough power in the battery to get the vehicle started with no trouble.
  • Efficient management of the company’s vehicle fleet: through our platform you will not only have control on security issues; but also a better administration of logistics of delivery times and the picking of goods or products, since you will have permanent access to information on your vehicles location. In our control console, you will be able to visualize all active devices in your vehicles.
  • If you prefer, receive alarms and notifications in cases of:
    • Pressing the panic button (in case of kidnapping).
    • Over-speeding (user sets the parameter).
    • Vehicle battery power level.
    • Geo-fenced locations.
    • Unauthorized tow of your vehicle or motorcycle.
    • Attacks on the vehicle or motorcycle (impacts or vibrations).

Technical Data Sheet

GSM Specifications
Communication modality GSM
GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPRS TCP/IP, Class 12
Memory storage capacity 64 MB
Margin of error RMSPE<5,PPE<20
Max. output GSM850/GSM900:33±3db
Maximum frequency error ±0.1ppm
Sensitivity Class II RBER2% (-10dBm)
GPS Specifications
GPS chip MTK GPS high sensitivity chip
Frequency L1,1575.42MHz C/A code
Channels 66
Location accuracy <10 meters
Tracking sensitivity —165dBm
Movement sensitivity —148dBm
GPS charging time Hot start: ≤ 2 seconds (cloudless sky)
Cold start: ≤ 35 seconds (cloudless sky)
General Specifications
Type of antenna GPS y GSM Quad-band, built-in Antennas
LED status indicator light GPS (blue), GSM (green), Power (red)
SIM card slot “PUSH” SIM on side slot
Dustproof waterproof test level IP65
Battery 800mAh/3.7V Industrial-grade
Lithium polymer battery
Accepted voltage range From 7.5 volts to 90 // 20mA DC
Internal battery life 160 hours of standby time and 9 hours of continuous transmission
Color Black
Dimensions 8.7cm (Length) * 7.4cm (Width) * 1.87 cm (Height)
Net weight 93.5 grams
Accepted temperature range -20ºC – +70ºC